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    I understand and agree, however as I mentioned when I started this stand I was renting a home. So I could not build anything permanent or anything I'd be fine with leaving behind. So the stand will do for a while until it gets to its new home in a couple months.

    I was wondering about stability but the stand is rock solid and is larger than it might appear. Its 4 feet by 3.5 feet. Not going to tip over even if a wheel pops off. The casters are rated for 330lbs each so I'm pretty confident I'm way under 1300lbs total. If I calculate up all the material weights the oven and base are in the 350lb range. Larger wheels will only serve to raise the center of gravity. I may add some cable cross bracing with turnbuckles if I feel it needs it.

    You cant see in the picture but the horizontal cross beams on top are also supported inside by Simpson joist hangers. Not just the 2 screws you see on the outside. According to the mfg load tables they are rated at 200lbs load each end. I have 6 on there. The checked in ones are loose to be slid out and replaced with a long beam to move the entire top.

    I dont plan on wheeling this thing all over the place, it will sit on one spot until moved to the new house where I'll make a permanent stand for it. Hence the knockouts to be able to lift and move the oven off the wood stand. Until then it will be stored in a garage out of the elements.

    I'll keep posting updates for anyone who's following along!
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      Quick update - haven't had much time to work on the oven, got a lot going on. I was able to get the stand top done. 1/2" backer board on the bottom and 3.5" of vermicrete on top of that. Next will be a base for the dome to sit on and open in the middle for the firebrick. I'm going to keep the firebrick "loose" so broken ones can be replaced if it happens. The InsulStick came yesterday and ceramic blanket due today. I went with 1/2" blanket, I'm not looking to go crazy and it was cheaper. I may have enough to double it up and will if I can. But being the dome is vermicrete I think that's decent insulation. Then need to figure out what to render with.
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        Couple more updates.

        Formed up the dome base and filled with perlcrete. Something weird happened with that mix it came out super crumbly. So I mixed up some thin cement and poured it over and it soaked in through all the gaps. Then parged over it to kind of seal it. Came out fine.

        Got the dome flipped over and going to be lining it with refractory probably later today. After that cut the fire brick for the floor and get those set in sand. Then the dome can go on the base.

        Planning to taper the chimney opening for smoke flow. And I plan to make the chimney hole larger it's a bit too small.
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          Update time! Progress has been very minimal past few weeks. Trying to pack, move to a new house, and we have a newborn. Things should settle down in August.

          I was able to parge the dome interior with the Insul Stick. Pretty nice stuff once you get used to it. It didn't seem to want to attach to the vermicrete but giving it a good smear with a gloved hand it went on nice. I was applying small batches but ended up mixing the whole 20lb pail and dumping it in and spending time smoothing it out best I could. I tried to get slightly more thickness on the dome top and sides and back. It's about 3/4" in those areas and about 1/2" up near the door. It dried pretty hard and should add strength to the dome. It's smoother than it looks, the overhead lighting makes trowel edges look worse than they are..

          Next up is moving the dome and base to the new house which thankfully is only about 15 minutes away. Need to cut the floor firebrick and then get the dome onto the base over there.

          So far so good!
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            Interested to see how this works out for you!