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Refractory cast dome with a mixture of aggregate

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  • Refractory cast dome with a mixture of aggregate

    Hi guys,

    I’m hoping someone can give me advice on whether it would be okay to mix sand, firebrick grog and perlite with high alumina cement to make a refractory cast dome?

    The reason I ask is because I’ve bought a 25 kg bag of cement fondue and a 25kg bag of firebrick grog. The plan was to make a mix of cement, grog and sand - 1:3:2, but now the grog has arrived it’s obvious the 25 kg bag is not going to be enough to cast my 34 inch dome In those ratios. The obvious answer is to buy more grog, but my budget is a little tight and the grog was quite expensive. What can I use as an additional aggregate? Would the addition of perlite work?

    if anyone has any advise that would be great.


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    You can do a search on the forum for "grog", there a numerous entries. Perlite is an insulator and not recommended as part of the main dome structure contrary to what is being shown on YouTube lately.
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      UtahBeehiver Thanks for the response. I shall do a search and see what comes up. Cheers