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  • Stainless Steel Needles Alternative

    Hello WFO Friends... Finding the SS needles is proving to be fruitless for me here in the Philippines... however, for a couple of USD I can get a SS wire brush... I figure if I bought 12 of them and then cannibalized them for the bristles it might do the trick. Better than nothing, or are they too big.

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    Considering my experience - only do it if cut strands do not pierce skin on your hands. Real SS needles are stiff (do not bend when mixed) and completely safe to work with. They are NOT needles. If you end up with a bunch of sharp wire pieces in the mix you will hurt yourself. Be careful.


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      Thanks for the advise @sergetania

      struggling with the same here.

      Can some one summarize the specs for the 'needles'' / Hooks?

      what Diameter:
      what Length:
      Is stainless steel a must:

      I found some Diameter 1-2mm (a bit thick I think)
      and some these are thinner (0,5 mm) but not SS.

      My build 60 cm/24'' homebrew, the Netherlands