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Advice on insulation for clay dome

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  • Advice on insulation for clay dome

    So unfortunately I discovered this site after following some other online guides so I'm part way through on my build.

    I have an 80 mm concrete slab base with 120 mm of pcrete above that topped off with 64 mm firebricks finishing the hearth. I have a 80 mm diameter / 40 mm height, 75 mm thick cast clay dome sitting on top of the firebricks.

    Now when I made the base I laid firebrick all the way to the edge of the 1200 mm base and was planning to put 50 mm ceramic fire blanket + 50 mm pcrete for insulation sealed with a final layer of stucco.

    Having seen the designs on this forum I'm now concerned that the firebrick layer is not encased in the insulation, is this a major issue? Will it lose significantly more heat than if the firebrick layer is also surrounded by the ceramic fiber blanket and pcrete or am I okay to continue with my plan to leave it extending outside the insulation layers? I could probably cut the firebricks to the shape of the dome and then insulate all the way down to the pcrete layer in the base but I'd rather not as I'm worried about damaging the dome (and it's a pain).

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on the forum has on this.