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    Hi bamforp. How has your expansion control experiment been working in practice? Now that you’ve completed two ovens using this idea, I’m more than curious. Just beginning my dome and am incorporating this idea as well as it makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks for posting, very helpful.
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      Hi, I think the experiment worked out pretty well. I do have some cracks propagating up from the floor of the oven but they only get as far as the weak joint rather than propagating a full 180 deg across the dome. I have attached some photos from the two ovens that hopefully illustrate what I mean. Given that it's easy to add the weak joint I think it's worth the effort and it certainly has not adversely impacted the integrity of the dome.
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        That's most intersting. I made exactly the same obsevation in my one piece dome casting that's now 16 years old and fires as good as new. A very fine hairline crack running all the way around. I thought if that's where you want to be that's where I'll engineer my join for a three sectioned cast build in future. With heat rising by convection a faily large section is going to get way hotter and faster than any other oven part and the resulting thermal expansion problems can be releved at this very position.

        Click image for larger version

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          Thanks bamforp (and David). Nice to see it did follow the path you created. I’m sure it prevented more random cracks. I’m incorporating your idea into my dome build this week. Will post images once it’s done and fired up to temps after it’s dried out enough.