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Kamado using multi layers like Komodo Kamado

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  • Kamado using multi layers like Komodo Kamado

    Have been doing some research after wanting a kamado and then finding the Komodo Kamado, I decided the $10k+ was out of my price range so why not build one. I have built two pizza ovens, one from scratch using clays and another pre cast unit so I have some experience with building. I also design agri tech machinery as a day job so I think I can pull this off. My weakness is the refractory cement knowledge. I have been stalking around the web and learning and formulated a plan. But would like some feedback.

    1. Kamado will be built from several pieces grouted together to from the top and bottom domes (seems to be how they are made I assume its easier to make that way and dries faster? easier to handle)
    2. use a layered approach just like Komodo Kamado
    Fire box and top and bottom case - High Aluminate refractory cement (to retain heat)- castable for moulds 25mm (1” thick)
    after drying next layer will be
    Vermiculite with high aluminate cement (to insulate and keep heat in) 25mm thick?
    after drying next layer will be
    spray on paint with nanoceramix spheres in acrylic paint - (reflective heat barrier) this can apparently be used for glue and grout for tiles (more nano-spheres I assume)

    Things I was looking for feedback on are how thick should the insulation layer be? will 25mm be enough? What mix of cement fines and agregrate are best for this?
    I assume you cannot cast the insulation layer just have to mix it up and ham burger it on like a pizza oven style?
    Has anyone tried using these fancy nanoceramic spheres as an additive to acrylic paint for a elastic skin on an oven or kamado?


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