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What is the best door?

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  • What is the best door?

    How do I build the best door and then maybe some ideas for a door for an amatuer?

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    Re: What is the best door?

    I use a plain piece of plywood, with a wood handle. Works fine if you don't put it in place before your oven cools to 450f. If you happen to burn it, just cut out another one.

    The best door is the best door for you.
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      Re: What is the best door?

      For me, it was the best door I could make for the least $$. Spent less than $5.00


      Construction pics here.
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        Re: What is the best door?

        There are as many door designs as there are doors. I like dmun's philosophy: keep it simple, replace it easily when it dies.

        ...of course, that just wasn't in my nature, so I went crazy. My door is too young to judge yet. I'm not sure how it will last in the long run. I agree with the earlier statement though that the best door is the one you can get yourself to build without too much hassle so you can move on to other things.

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          Re: What is the best door?

          Thank you. I think i'll take the idea of what ever I can build and move onto better things.