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building P-90 to someday move

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  • building P-90 to someday move

    I live on a double-wide, corner lot, which should give me ample room to build an oven, but the city tells me my side yard is in fact "front yard". Still, I am going to build an oven, and I certainly don't intend to fire it 20 feet from my neighbors bedroom window when it should surely be on the other side of my yard.

    I'm pretty sold on the P-90 kit, although I'm waiting to hear back on the shipping estimate. My big questions are:

    1) Does the oven have to be cemented to the foundation stand?

    2) Any nice examples of steel stands?

    3) Any examples of attractive mobile designs?


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    Re: building P-90 to someday move

    I built my oven on a steel stand. I know that I would probably move within the next 5 years as my family outgrows the small house we currently live it.
    Its not a 'mobile' oven, but made to be moved with a fork lift. When the moving day comes, I'll lift the oven off the stand with a fork lift and place it on a flat bed truck.

    The oven is a 36 inch brick oven. The stand will hold a 1/4 cord of wood.
    Attached are some pics.


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      Re: building P-90 to someday move

      Thanks! It looks great!


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        Re: building P-90 to someday move

        nothing is difficult or impossible once you get your mind around the situation and think it through.

        I'll lift the oven off the stand with a fork lift
        I would go that next step and lift the whole oven and base and move it to the new location, provided you can get access with the equipment. Even if it is difficult, pump trucks can ease the problems with a little care and a few mates helping.


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