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Cracks in bull nose landing.

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  • Cracks in bull nose landing.

    Hello all.
    Well after a series of fires at full temp I have found some cracking in the mortar joints in my bull nose paver landing. Actually it is only between the two middle pavers and along where the pavers meet the firebrick floor. Should I try to patch them? Will they get worse? Any thoughts on this one?

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    Re: Cracks in bull nose landing.

    Pictures would help.
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      Re: Cracks in bull nose landing.

      This area is a problem regarding cracking. My first oven cracked in the same place and it was in the middle of a 3" heavy duty fire brick. It is not an area that gets really hot yet materials there tend to crack. I think it is the heat difference between the hot side and the cold side that creates great stress and leads to cracking. Replace it or live with it. It will not effect the performance of the oven.
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        Re: Cracks in bull nose landing.

        Thanks for the input. I will try to post some pictures today.
        The crack is not that bad, it is just dead in the center of my landing.
        Maybe I will chip out some of the mortar and repack it.