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Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

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  • Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

    Hello all,

    I have started off on this grand adventure and just wanted to thank everyone who has posted comments on this forum. I have read quite a few and they have given me a lot ideas. If fact I think I may have too many ideas and jest need to get going and stop thinking.... I have the plan in my head, but having built a lot different projects, I realize that things will change as they go along.

    I am incorporating this build as part of an overall outdoor kitchen using the kit from FB. I think I may need to get a few more bricks becasue I may go up to 39" with a 18-19" dome.

    I have attached a few pictures. The slab that you see is an under oven space for tools and such. The hearth will be 6-8 Inches about this slab. With the oven being on a corner I will have plenty of room for wood and wanted somewhere to put peels, rakes etc. that was out of the way. The rest of the block walls are outdoor kitchen and a seating bar.

    I am playing this by ear and adjusting what I am going to do as I go. Haven't decided yet if it will be an igloo or house. This should be fun.

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    Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento


    Here are some update pictures. The hearth slab is poured and I am scoping out for a 39" interior diameter oven. You can see the tool storage under the Hearth slab

    I do have a question. What is the typical depth of the vent landing? The manual says 6" for a 36" oven and 8" for a 42. I am curious what other ended up with.

    Take a look at the second picture. that is about a 9 in vent landing. That doesn't seem to be deep enough and others have almost doubled those depths. I am going to have a 20 in wide opening 12 inchs high. widening out to 23 or 24 inches with a 3/4 reveal on the inside opening.

    I am going to pour a 4 inch addition to the oven landing which will make it about 12 inches total

    Any thoughts?


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      Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

      looks good keep up the good work and send more pictures


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        Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

        here are a few more picts.

        I am using the Pompeii 90 Kit from FB. I am surprised my entire floor consists almost entirely of only 4 of the 18 x 18 tiles. Fairly easy to level. The kit came with 9 18 x 18 and I ended up only using 8 with some cutting.

        I am using the Swirly pattern to cut the chains, can't remember which builder mentioned it (I think it may have been Lars), but thanks.

        I do have a question for the forum on the vent opening/reveal. I notched my opening for a 1 in reveal. Take a look at the piece I notched (3rd picture), does anyone think this might break at some point? The brick is still 2 inches thick from the inside of the oven to the fact of the reveal.




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          Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

          Originally posted by bobb35 View Post
          does anyone think this might break at some point? The brick is still 2 inches thick from the inside of the oven to the fact of the reveal.


          No probs. Looking good...
          Check out my pictures here:

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            Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

            Nice work - looks like you have been busy.

            The reveal around the entry and the landing are always tricky. I can see why you are concerned a bit but would guess you will be ok once you get all of the bricks stacked on top of each other.

            Good luck with the project - looks like fun.
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              Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

              Question for the forum.

              I am using a kit from FB to build this WFO.

              With my kit I recieved 2 buckets of Sairset. This stuff is a little weird and still isn't dry after 24 hours. I did a little research and was wondering, was this the right mortar? Will I have problems down the road with this stuff washing away from the joints in my oven vent landing? Should I have gotten the dry mix?

              Will this stuff ever harden up? I am a little concerned about going any higher than the 4th row in case the joints aren't dry.

              I have more pictures, but am heading out the door from Tahoe. I am going to let this thing bake in the 100 degree direct sun for a couple of days and hopefully it should dry out some. Speaking of witch, will that help in the curing process? It gets really hot here during july and Aug and can be a scorcher, wondering if that will dry the dome out?




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                Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

                I and few of others here have used the pre-mixed Sairset. I found that it tightened up but that the color really takes a while to change. I would transfer more than what I expect to use into a clean bucket add a bit of water and mix it. I used a thinset mixing paddle on a drill untill it was the consistency of pudding, or drywall mud that your ready to apply.

                The concern around here with respect to premixed mortar is it's stability if it gets wet. I think that, once dry, it would take a long time saturated in water to fail, if ever.

                I cut each brick in the dome and arches to so my joints might get as large as a 1/4 inch, but no bigger. I also back filled any cracks that would appear and wiped the excess as I went along. When I sealed the bucket for any length of time, I leveled the Sairset and put a bit of water on top and since I was always thining the water was mixed during the next work cycle.

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                  Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

                  Just a few update pictures. I will get some more today or tomorrow.

                  Thanks for the response Chris.

                  I checked on some heatstop 50 and they want $175 for a 50 lb bag...seems a little outrageous to me.

                  The kit I got from FB looks like it is going to be short on mortar, so I am going to have a little issue on my hands. I am trying to source some type of mortar locally and I will let you know what I end up doing.


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                    Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

                    The heatstop is a bit pricey. If you're concerned about the Sairset structurally you could run a test by mortaring some brick let them sit a few days and then try to seperate them.



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                      Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

                      here are a few more update pictures.

                      Moved over to 1/3s on the chains.

                      Built my inner arch and an am tying it into the dome right now.

                      Run out of mortar from the kit and am waiting on delivery from FB.

                      Pretty soon I am going to have to figure out what the outside is going to look like.


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                        Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

                        Looks good Robert, your joints look nice and tight. Tying in to the arch isn't too hard, I found that one of those places were a "mortar is your friend" mind-set really helps.

                        PS: love your raised vegetable beds!
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                          Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

                          Ok, here are the latest pictures. These are of the arch and the transition.

                          The transition is rough, but it will work

                          The arch is sturdy. My vent opening will be the entire width of the landing and be sloped up to the actual vent.

                          I am hope it will draw well.

                          Having fun, received more mortar in the mail today. So it out to lay more brick tomorrow.


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                            Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

                            keep up the good work


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                              Re: Pompeii 90 in Sacramento

                              Hey there bob! your oven is looking great! I had a tough time getting mortar too, but in the end I found that getting the stuff from the Fornobravo website will save you the most money. Heatstop is a wallet killer, stay away from it lol!

                              anyway, i too am from the sacramento area. I just recently (yesterday) finished my oven. all i have left to do is stucco. i just cooked in it yesterday as a matter of fact! although im far from an expert, If you need any advice or you need to find materials, message me...id love to help out