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Is 2 inch of Insulfrax enough?

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  • Is 2 inch of Insulfrax enough?


    The roof of my oven will be a brick half barrel/arch type.

    Unfortunately I have had to revist my original design and make the roof lower. This has impacted on the cavity between the dome and the roof. Making it 2 inch at the closest point.

    I have 2 rolls of 2 inch insulfrax that will cover the dome, then the voids will be filled with vermiculite.

    I was wondering if 2 inch of insulfrax will be enough to stop the heat transfering from the dome to the outer brick roof 'completely??

    If not, I am thinking of cutting the bricks in half (along the long edge) so I can get another layer of insulfrax (taking it up to 4 inch) at the closest point. It means more work, but I've invested soooo much time in it so far, it's not a problem

    Any advise will be appreciated.


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    Re: Is 2 inch of Insulfrax enough?

    What is the roof made out of? Combustible?

    I would think 2" is enough, but curious what the roof is made of.

    My 42" WFO/outdoor kitchen build thread:


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      Re: Is 2 inch of Insulfrax enough?

      Thanks for the reply

      I really hope it will be as it will save quite a bit of extra work.

      I'm finishing my roof like this:

      I'm not sure if this piccie will show. If not I'll sort another