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forming the oven "chamber??"

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  • forming the oven "chamber??"

    Hi everyone. im new on here.

    ive been asked by a brick layer friend to provide him with a price to make up some form work for him to build a pizza oven for a coustomer of his.

    now a week ago i never even knew these things existed lol. so ive never seen a pizza oven quite like this anywhere apart from the videos on you tube.

    what are the prefered methods of constructing formwork for this sort of project?

    i kinda had in mind roughly this:

    make up a series of triangles out of some 2 x 1 lath. (probably 8 in total)

    use some strips of ply wood screwed to these triangles to get the correct shape.

    somehow build them together and once the dome was finished either setting fore to them to burn em out or making them so they are easy to take apart.

    would appreciate some help from members on here

    thanks guys