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    Hello all,
    I just started this last wknd with the foundation and planning to have the stand complete by Friday. Here is my question: I was reading in the material list that a 50' roll of 8" aluminum flashing is needed for the insulating hart but can not find anywhere where to place it or how to use it. Any suggestions\idea? Further more, are all the bricks used for the dome construction cut in half?
    Thank you in advance for your time and respond. Really appreciated.

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    You don't need flashing

    Thanks for pointing this out. The flashing was a thermal test we made a few years ago, which proved to be unimportant. The prototype design had to do with the intersection between the heath and the stand; how hot they both become; and whether you need a slip plane at that point. I will take a look at the Pompeii Oven plans, and make sure that we remove any mention of them. This is something you definitely do not have to worry about.
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      half bricks

      The bricks for the dome are cut in half, the bricks for the floor are used whole, except for cuts for the bricks to alternate in the floor patern.
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