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  • captain

    Okay I laid my block and the stand is finished, looks real good the only thing is the angel iron is going to be a little problem if I decide not to brick the front I will have to put some wire mesh and then stucco over it.
    I started at 9am was finished by 330. I will frame and pour the hearth this week end, no straps 2x8's framed around the edge and supported with 2x4 and a couple of 1x,s on an angle bracing the top of the form will be pleanty also not to wet of a mix. will let you know how it goes.

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    Did you grind back your blocks to that the angle iron sits flush with the front of the block fascade? Even if you didn't you can (as you noted) always find a way to make your decorative finish hide whatever goes on with your stand.

    Can you forward any photos? Those are always fun, and informative for everyone.

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