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I need curing advice

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  • I need curing advice

    Finished my 39" Pompei, and I'm ready to start curing. I let the thing sit for 10 days after closing the dome, and since I built it gradually, some of the lower mortar has been curing for months.

    Regarding the curing fires, I have an I.R. thermo and plan to follow the curing schedule in the plans, but where do I take the reading? and when I get the reading, do I extinguish the fire?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    I used heatstop 50 dry mix, if that makes any difference. the temperature here this week will be warm 70s and 80s F
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    Re: I need curing advice

    You should measure the top of the dome (on the inside), or just next to where the fire is hitting the top of the dome.

    You want to let the fire burn up the slowly burn out. Ideally peaking at the desired temperature. If it hits the desired temperature for the day and the fire is still heating up, try to spread it out a bit to cool it off. You don't need to extinguish it unless it's going to get too hot.
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      Re: I need curing advice

      thanks for the advice. I'll start curing fires tomorrow