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Heat radiation from external wall of oven??

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  • Heat radiation from external wall of oven??

    Hi Folks

    Firstly great web site and forum!

    I am in the initial stages of planning a dome oven.

    I have sourced good refractory bricks and mortar.

    At the moment I am setting out possible locations for the oven. I want to place the oven as close to my boundary as possible, but local council restricts the distance to 450mm from the boundary. The neighbouring property is an additional 900mm from the boundary which equates to 1350mm or 1.35 metres from the back of the oven to the neighbours wall (rendered brick).

    I am wondering is this sufficient? I don?t want to burn next door down! I will of course be utilising appropriate materials, insulating bricks below the oven, refractory bricks for the interior, insulation blankets and am currently looking at then covering the oven in sandstone.

    That would be my second question, does the internal oven have the ability to support and additional layer of bricks or stone work?

    Thanks for your time!

    Fail to Prepare...Prepare to Fail!