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The Indispensable Tool

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  • The Indispensable Tool

    Could anyone tell me how to build this tool??

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Re: The Indispensable Tool

    There's multiple threads about how it's built. Perhaps spending some quality time over in the Tool section of the forum. Good luck and post some pics of your tool!
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      Re: The Indispensable Tool

      I didn't use one. I thought I might make one when the time came, but I never got around to it because things went pretty quick once I got going. On the higher courses, I just stook a cinder block on it's side to support a course in prgress. worked pretty well.

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        Re: The Indispensable Tool


        Could anyone tell me how to build this tool??
        Like Paul in Rockwall , I also didn't use one even though I finished Hendo's oven (the member who introduced this tool to the forum) after he died. If you check out my build, I used a quarter section of a 40" plywood disk to shape my dome which all happened in 2 days. I don't feel that the dome needs to be so precise nor perfect semi circular to perform well or best, so long as it is close and structurally sound.
        I even stood up on top of my dome as soon as I placed the final keystone into place and it will stand almost forever.
        This 'indispensable tool' increases your build time considerably and serves no real useful purpose but do a search to evaluate it for yourself, There are many postings and several threads with them in.
        Check out the following for a starter

        Good luck.
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          Re: The Indispensable Tool

          Thankyou for the info and the advice


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            Re: The Indispensable Tool

            I used one during my build for about 3 quarters of the way but definitely felt that a length of string or a single piece of plywood profiling 1/2 of the dome could have provided good gauging as well.

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              Re: The Indispensable Tool

              If you prefer the jig-like results an indispensable tool can provide, there are a number of builders here who have made elegant indispensable tools out of wood.