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Oven Build In Missouri

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  • Oven Build In Missouri

    Well, I started building this oven last summer....I planned on finishing it last fall but I had an accident at work and got layed up for a few months....then the Missouri winter......I finally got back to it a few weeks ago.
    I built the chimney last week. One morning I took a small log out of the wood stove and threw it in the oven. It drew well- which was a relief because I know my dimensions are off some.
    I plan on raising the chinmey more and building the doorway out some. Other than that, I think the masonry is done.
    I have a few questions on how to insulate the dome. I have a good supplier of fiber blanket in the area. If I Insulate the dome with 3" of FB do I still need to cover that with insulating cement or can I can I leave the FB 'exposed' but inside my enclosure.
    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Oven Build In Missouri

    "can I leave the FB 'exposed' but inside my enclosure. "

    Yes. It is best if it is secured in place somehow, such as loosely bound with some stainless steel wire. Also, ensure good drainage and ventilation for your enclosure, moisture in the insulation greatly reduces its effectiveness.
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      Re: Oven Build In Missouri

      I would use the blanket and then just fill the enclosure with loose vermiculite to keep everything in place as well as extra insulation. Everyone says you can never have too much insulation. Vermiculite is not very expensive at a growing store. Just a thought.



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        Re: Oven Build In Missouri

        Here's hoping the completion of your dome is swift and the pizza is delicious.

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