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entrance arch insulation ?

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  • entrance arch insulation ?

    As shown the insulation is in place and getting ready to cure and stucco. I have a question regarding the way I have insulated the entrance arch. Because the sides of the arch is two bricks wide for strength and appearance,I am hoping there wont be much heat on the outside sides of the arch. On my first oven I have noticed that during a pizza cook the surfaces in question dont seem to get that hot measuring from the inside of the arch. The upper span is a different story of course and gets a bit hotter. I have insulated the upper span of the arch but not the upright vertical sides on the oven I am building now. Partly because the very front bricks (not installed yet) just go to the edges of what is shown in the pictures front arch work so I dont really want to put insulation outbound from the outer edges of the sides or it will make my stucco transition look a bit funny. The stucco will be one inch thick the that will extend out from the brick work on the very front oven. Not sure if this make much sense but the photo will show where there is no insulation on the outer side of arch and I am hoping this is going to be OK. If it’s a bit warm on this outer area on the stucco it’s not a big deal for me but I am just not sure how much heat to expect.

    Any thoughts out there, I hope I am good to go for my curing and stucco treatment.………thanks Wayne
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