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Refractory Cast Dome Top?

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  • Refractory Cast Dome Top?

    I just finished closing in the top of my oven (finally!!) and was wondering about the feasibility of using a custom cast refractory dome past courses 11 or 12.

    I built a platform inside the oven and put down a sand form to support the bricks for the very top of the oven:

    As I was looking at the completed pics today, I started to wonder...what if using this method you simply made a batch of refractory mortar and poured that into the void and shaped it to the final curve with a trowel? It would need some reinforcement with wire or maybe rebar but it seems like it would be a much easier and better solution.

    Any thoughts? This is more theoretical at this point since I've already finished my oven with the classic method.

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    Re: Refractory Cast Dome Top?

    I don't think refractory "mortar" would be a good idea, but a refractory concrete such as Harbison Walker KS-4 would probably work, along with re-inforcement. I think they use stainless steel pins instead of wire for refractory concrete.
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      Re: Refractory Cast Dome Top?

      Oops, I meant to say refractory concrete. I still mix those two up even though I know the difference.