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  • Dome Angle Question

    I think that Patricks response and photo to Rudi's question on the inward dome angle brings up an interesting topic.

    There are two schools of thought on the best method for setting the inward angle of the dome; both equally valid and widely used. The first is to begin setting the inward curve of the dome with angles set using either a styrofoam form, or wood shim. The second is to set the inward angle with a cut brick, as described by the photo from the MHA (great folks and a great source of information). We designed the Pompeii Oven around the first method, as it sems to be easier to build, and is the more prevalent method in Italy for backyard oven construction. At the same time, I have seen ovens constructed using both methods -- including a couple a sets of photos that I had to promise to never share, for commercial ovens.

    One way of thinking about it is that the more gentle curve of the Tuscan oven does not require the angled brick; and it is again probably easier to build. It is also a more general purpose oven. Following that logic, the Napoletana oven has a move aggressive curve, which is set in place by the angled brick.

    My reason for bringing this up is to ask: should we describe the more steeply angled dome, and the cut course of bricks, as an option in the basic set of installation plans? Or, should we only show the current dome design in the plans, and leave the option up to builders who venture into the FB Forum?

    What do y'all think?

    As an aside, this same logic applies to decorative brick arches, including those that form the entry into the oven. You can either choose a more gentle curve and no cut bricks (and larger mortar joint), or you can set the inward angle with a cut brick, leaving a smaller angle to span with the remaining joints.

    I still like this series of photos on the Brick Arch. It's full of ideas.

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