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    Re: Floor Insulation

    I want to step in and add some perspective, my perspective. Remember, there's a big difference between a working pizzeria and the height that is required for constant work and your home pizza oven and what your wife might be most comfortable with. Your kids inevitably will grow and if a Friday or Saturday night is as many as 10 Pizzas once or twice a month, even weekly, then you may be fine. If you're the one working the oven height won’t be an issue. If it's your wife, the height of the oven deck may never be a problem, it might not be ideal but it might never be an issue. If on the other hand if this height inconvenience keeps the oven from being used, this is a big problem. You can always design a step to be added at some future date if needed. The insulation is cheap relative to the overall oven cost but the benefits are large.


    PS My money is my wife’s money and my wife’s money is her money.
    PSS My wife has never in all the time since being built, put a pizza in or taken one out..She has always enjoyed them..
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      Re: Floor Insulation

      "My wife told me today to just raise it 2 more inches and build her and the kids a step. "

      Build it and use it for a while. Most of the people who have regretted the height they built to have wished they had built it higher.

      You may find the 49 inch height to be OK.


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        Re: Floor Insulation

        I've been comparing prices near Greenville, South Carolina.

        Originally posted by brickie in oz View Post

        Anyone done comparisons in price?
        I can drive to Atlanta, GA and get 20 sf of Duraboard for $220 - otherwise shipping is over $100.
        Portland cement is $11 for a 94#bag and Vermiculite is $15/bag (4 cu.ft ?).
        Figuring a 20 sq ft area that is 4" thick gives me a volume of 6.7cu ft. If I plan 10 cu ft, I'm looking at $50 for two bags of vermiculite (8cf) and 3 bags of portland cement 1.8 cu ft and (assuming 5:1 vermiculite: portland cement). I've tried to account for some compaction in this estimate too.
        Even if I go to 6" thick, I'm looking at $75. Still a lot less expensive than Duraboard - but does require more labor.
        Obviously I don't know about prices in Australia, but wouldn't mind vacation there!

        My 42-inch build