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  • Chimney/Flue Construction Tips

    I have my design complete except I am confused how to best make the transition between the entry arch opening (rectangular) to the round terra cotta chimney. I am building a 42" brick Igloo style oven. The instructions call for a 8" ID flue so I assume I need to match the rectangular cross sectional area to the 8" cross sectional area, but how do I make the transition and how do I secure the chimney? Would anyone advise to build a rectangular chimney out of bricks. Or, maybe a removable metal flue? I have ZERO masonry experience so I don't know what to watch out for (structural and thermal considerations). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am sure others have had this problem as well, so if I missed a post, please point me in the right direction.


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    Re: Chimney/Flue Construction Tips

    It will all depend on the materials you will use. I would look at the photo gallery in the vent/chimney section to get some ideas of how you want to do it. Every one does it differently, that's the fun part. It will all depend on the exterior finish. Good Luck.



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      Re: Chimney/Flue Construction Tips

      Hi Ralph,
      I am building a 42" enclosed oven so things will look different from the outside but the connections and flue design should still be close. I am not sure if 8" round clay is big enough for the flue. I am sure that 8" rectangle with a funnel of 14"*8" does a great job. The funnel was made by cutting two 8" flue pipes at an angle an then mortaring them together. I would up with a rectangular vent base and then a square 8" flue. Look at some of my pics
      There are other builds that have done a better job than I did, Pizza Bob and Dino come to mind quickly, although they used duravent pipe. They still did a great job on the vent transition.
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