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  • Shortage of Materials

    Hi, I'm Adrian from Goa(India).
    I'm looking to build a Pompeii for Ma this Christmas. Our folks are huge foodies and this would be a spectacular addition to her garden.

    My problem here is the lack of materials here. In India, thermal insulation like vermiculite is far from readily available. The closest we've got are fire bricks, which i'm planning on using for the base of the hearth, but as far as the cladding of the dome goes i'm stumped.

    Are there any members from India here? If so I'd really appreciate it if you'd be kind enough to point me in the direction of a retailer, as all i seem to find are not even wholesalers, just manufacturers and exporters.

    Also, from other members, i'd really appreciate any other substitutes that i could use for insulation that would be readily available in any hardware store.