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  • setting rebar frame

    I set the rebar frame for the hearth slab on small blocks of wood (about 1.5".x2"x2") to get them half way up the slab. Is it okay to have the wood blocks set in the concrete slab, or should I use something else?

    Also, since my block stand came out ugly, I had lots of 1/16"-1/8" gaps between the stand and hearth slab form, most of which I calked. Was this overkill? Will concrete seep through a gap like that? There's more between the bottom tray of the form and the inner block stand. Should I calk them, too? Or can I just extend the plastic sheet to cover them? Or should I not worry about gaps like that? What's the largest crack that concrete won't seep through?
    Here's mine:

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    Re: setting rebar frame

    We need Pictures to understand what you are talking about.



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      Re: setting rebar frame

      Originally posted by jimkramer View Post
      What's the largest crack that concrete won't seep through?
      You will get some bleeding through the gap, nothing to worry about (I assume you are using a standard mix).
      Check out my pictures here:

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        Re: setting rebar frame

        You should use little concrete squares that have the re-bar ties coming out of them and not wood blocks. They cost about $0.30 each. A little duct tape should seal up the small gaps.