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  • bottom tray legs

    One more question...The frame for the bottom tray of the form just rests on the support legs, right? (Not screwed together. ) I assume this makes it easier to knock out the form. I'm still having nightmares that it will collapse during the pour.

    I also realized none of the form (bottom tray or sides) needed to be screwed together, especially if you use ratchet straps on the outside, right? Oh well. My bottom tray frame is all screwed in (except for legs), and is a bit too big, so it's in very tight. Gonna be hard to get it out.

    My next oven is going to be so much better.
    Here's mine:

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    Re: bottom tray legs

    Pictures are worth a 1000 words, or so the saying goes.. Plan for the removal of the forms and don't worry about taking them out until you need to. Let the concrete setup tight before you start banging on the forms, give it a week or so. As you go along you're going to see that ovens built with obsessive care and those that seem to be thrown together, within limits, all cook wonderfully. Take a deep breath and go forth. Step by step you'll learn the skills and the oven will get finished. Please post photos, cell phone, pin hole camera, Hasselblad or whatever, these will help us to help you.


    PS what do you call a one eyed one eared , three legged dog? ... Lucky.
    What do you call a WFO builder? Dogged!
    Keep it up!
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