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40inch - 150mm v's 200mm Chimney???? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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40inch - 150mm v's 200mm Chimney????

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  • 40inch - 150mm v's 200mm Chimney????

    Hi there
    I have finally got to the outer arch and vent of my 12 month build of a 40 inch pompeii oven and now I have the question to 150mm or 200mm vent. I can get both pre fab, the 200mm one takes a few extra days to get in and cost a bit more. So I guess I am seeking advice from all you experts out there..... can I do with just the 150mm. Your wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kriso

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    Re: 40inch - 150mm v's 200mm Chimney????

    Hi Kriso,

    A fine looking dome! According to the FB plans, a 36" or smaller oven may use a 6" (150mm) chimney, but anything larger requires an 8" chimney. I built a 32" dome and use a 6" chimney and it draws just fine. I'm not sure if it would have the same effect with a 40" dome or not. My thinking is that with all of the time and effort (and money) you put into the dome so far, why risk it? If it doesn't draw smoke well up the chimney, it will come pouring out of the front door...not the desired effect, especially if it starts sooting up your arch. I would spend the extra few dollars and go with a sure thing. I vote 8"



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      Re: 40inch - 150mm v's 200mm Chimney????

      I'm with Gene. One cannot 'over-flue' one's oven and it's more pricey to retrofit than fit. Especially with soot stains coming out of an as pretty as yours.


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        Re: 40inch - 150mm v's 200mm Chimney????

        Its a bloke thing, but bigger is always better.
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