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Outerbanks 36incher

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  • Outerbanks 36incher

    Welcome to my thread This is my first attempt at building anything masonry related.

    I first poured my base at 60 inches square

    Then Dry Stacked the base and filled cores

    Next we formed the top
    Have tons

    Finished Top
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    Re: Outerbanks 36incher

    Next we added 2 inches of insulating concrete.

    As of this post this is the most current photo I'll have more after this weekend when i rent the brick saw.

    When I have some more time tonight I'm gonna post some questions that I have hope all enjoy.....


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      Re: Outerbanks 36incher

      You are well on your way. Looking forward to following your build, looks like you know what your doing.


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        Re: Outerbanks 36incher

        What part of the OBX?.....Oven looking good!


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          Re: Outerbanks 36incher

          Well it looks like the weekend will find us working more on the dome as we have found a friend with a big block saw......fingers crossed for no rain.

          older photo of a dry run of the floor and solider course.


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            Re: Outerbanks 36incher

            Looks great! I admire the fact that you actually split the bricks for the rings. I'm sure its been done before, but I've never actually seen it reported here (but, there many gaps in my education).

            FWIW, you may be a bit lite on the two inches of insulating concrete. Insulation under the oven floor was added to the plans a few years ago to design enough insulation to keep the heat from wicking down into the hearth. Two inches is good, four inches twice as good.

            Enjoying your pictures too.
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              Re: Outerbanks 36incher

              I would add the extra insulation under the hearth bricks if it's not too late.
              Great job so far!
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                Re: Outerbanks 36incher

                Thanks for the replies and input. It is to late to go back and add more insulation, oh well ......i think ill b ok I am not doing any more than just a backyard oven and I'm sure I'll reach my temps for pizza and bread and hold on to a bunch of heat. More than I'll ever need anyway.

                On a positive note we had great weather today and completed 2 more courses of brick there is rain tomorrow and SuperBowl! So no work tomorrow. I'll work on posting some new photos tomorrow.