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  • Mason Referral for San Diego

    I built my corner stand, but looking to have a pro mason do the igloo. I'd love to fionish it up, but just not enough time. Any recommendations for the north San Diego county area? Any idea what I should pay? (I have an idea, but will always take advice just for confirmation). Thanks. Rick.

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    Re: Mason Referral for San Diego

    I don't remember anyone on the site that has has a good experience with hiring a mason to build an igloo. I think the problem is that mason skills are only part of the equation, the complex brick cutting is another thing altogether. I suggest a couple of directions for your consideration.

    1. Buy a modular oven and have it installed on your stand.

    If you want to control the quality of the oven and don’t have the time to build it yourself, I’d go with the modular. The advantage over hiring a mason is you’re not paying someone full wages to learn on the job. I’m betting that a mason’s wages for a week is going to be $ so my bet is that in the end you’ll save money with the modular.

    2. Make an event of your build and try to get some help from people who have built a WFO.

    If you can generate enough interest you might be able to build an oven in a couple of weekends. You’d need to arrange work zones and be able to maintain safety in each of those.



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      Re: Mason Referral for San Diego


      Thanks for the advice - even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. But, truth is always best. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and do it myself. It'll be a slow process, but at least it'll be done the way I want and no waste of money on a mason that's learning on the job.

      Any other thoughts from the community?


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        Re: Mason Referral for San Diego

        Hi Ray,

        I recommend you build it yourself. That way you build it just the way you want it, with the custom features that you want. And if you mess up, you deconstruct the defective portion, and keep going. The satisfaction of having built the thing yourself will be HUGE! It will be slow that's for sure, but like someone said on this forum: You only have to build it once and will then enjoy it for years to come.

        I'm going on 3.5 years on my build, but let me tell you, I've enjoyed every minute of it and would not have done it any other way.

        Go for it! And post pics!!