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I Blew It !!

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    Re: I Blew It !!

    Okay, we are on the same idea. Are you still using fire board ?


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      Re: I Blew It !!

      Originally posted by Mr.Buckles View Post
      Okay, we are on the same idea. Are you still using fire board ?
      I used 2" of Calcium Silicate (CalSil).
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        Re: I Blew It !!

        Need some explanation of the calSil. Not a clue what this product is?


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          Re: I Blew It !!

          Originally posted by Neil2 View Post

          Drilling and grouting dowels is an iffy thing.
          Not with Ramset's Chemset its not, it sets way harder than any concrete Ive seen and just wont let go.
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            Re: I Blew It !!

            Originally posted by Gulf View Post
            I'm sorry, I thought you were meaning the face of the stand. My finished height is 41". I am 5' 8" tall. I could have used another 2 to 3" of height for the floor finished floor level.

            I suggest that you pore another 3 and 1/2" of concrete and recess your vermiculite or Calcil (GianniFocaccia's build). If you pore 3 and 1/2" of vermuiculite in the form and add 2" of CalSil that would bring you up to 43 and 1/2". That would be the optimum height for me.

            That is a great solution, incorporating a recess for insulation at the same time!

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            My oven floor is almost 46 inches tall....I see the back and sides of the oven without any inconvenience to my bad back. I recommend a high oven floor unless you plan to have a table in front of the oven to watch the fire.
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              Re: I Blew It !!

              A few more points Mr. Buckles regarding your situation:

              Calsil is the glass-fiber high heat insulation board you MUST have under your oven floor OR 4" vermiculite/concrete mix. Some have used both materials but if you read the basic PDF download fornobravo makes available, you only need 1 or the other: Typically, 4" of vermiculite/concrete mixed together or 2" FB board is what you need to keep the oven heat away from the base. (I used the "FB Board" they sell on this site because I hate mixing any kind of concrete , it was quick and painless and was a good way of "paying back" this site for all their help)

              Also: I'm 5'-11" with longish arms and my oven is 43" high and perfect for me. I could see going even higher by 1-2" but ALL of my shorter friends with normal arms find my 42" oven too deep to get to the back of it. Lee B: me and my back envy your tall oven though. (if you feed short people enough pizza, will they grow taller?? )

              Also, you say you'll stick with a 36" oven but please don't look at it as "it has to be 36" or 40" or 42". It looks like you have a handle on your overhang situation with Gulf's excellent suggestion, but figure out how many inches you need for the framing and outer finish, the oven dome insulation (on all 3 sides of the oven) and then see what's left over for oven floor. If you can have 37.5" or 39" oven, DO IT. Don't fence yourself in by even or whole numbers.

              Having my oven for 2 years now, I feel the "perfect" size for me would have been 2-3" smaller: a 39" or 40" would have let me do everything I wanted and my shorter partner wouldn't struggle to start the fire at the inner arch (arg! ) and I have to stretch to get to the rear. But then again, I have a landing that is 2-3" deeper than most.

              Whatever you decide will work out great.
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                Re: I Blew It !!

                Thanks Dino, That was my intension to go with the fire board. I do appreciate your input on the dimensions.


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                  Re: I Blew It !!

                  Don't worry too much if your floor level is a little low.mine is only 34 " and I quite like it that way, it is the perfect height for sitting guests to look right into the oven when they are seated at the table.You get used to whatever height you have.
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