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Pompeii oven design

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  • texman
    Re: Pompeii oven design

    you want the walls on the FB board to insulate the dome from heat loss to the floor. The board will handle the weight. You want insulation everywhere to hold the heat. the blanket would need a stucco layer to support the weight of the block to keep the compression to a minimum. you will want a thermal break between the opening of oven and the hearth.
    Do you have the FB plans downloaded? It will answer many questions as well as searching the forum. check out the links that LBorou has made to many great tips and builds out on the foum:

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  • Bills
    started a topic Pompeii oven design

    Pompeii oven design

    If we build the walls on the 2inch fb board will the oven not be susceptible to moving as opposed to laying out the first course of brick walls on the concrete base and cutting the fb board to support the oven floor only.Also if we plan to block over the oven as opposed to stucco,can we lay cement and block on top of the fb blanket material without crushing it.Also do we need to insulate the hearth around the oven opening in front of the door