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Flared vent arch survey

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  • Flared vent arch survey

    If you have a flared vent arch, what are the basic dimensions? (inner/outer opening size, height, top sloped up from oven entry?) How's it working out for you?

    Can you use the vent area as a small fireplace? I imagine it would be nice to eat pizzas in front of the small fire you could fit there, but I don't know if this works in the real world. If it does, I might make my vent arch bigger to accomodate a fire.
    Here's mine:

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    Re: Flared vent arch survey


    Now you're talking! I've got so many projects going I haven't been able to get to my entryway (except getting the flue purchased) but the internal dimensions are: 22.5" where it meets the oven and 27"-W at the front of the arch. Interior height of the entryway vault where it transitions into the flue gallery is 13.5".

    I think a fire in the entryway would be a nice touch, as well as being able to occasionally burn off some of the soot in the flue. After Tscar's recommendation of
    usinig a chimney to pre-heat coals prior to lighting your in-oven fire, I like the idea of doing this in the entryway which will pre-heat the flue as well.


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      Re: Flared vent arch survey

      The outer dimensions relative to the inner dimension would, of course, be a function of the depth of the entryway.

      My flare is based on a line drawn from the center point of the of oven, past the inner opening. I really like the flare in my entryway particularly with respect to the increase visibility and acess.

      My entryway ceiling is level but there is no reason why it could not be flared in a similar way. This would increase the build complexity, but the additional increase in visibility and access could be significant without altering the oven function or efficiency.

      Use some cardboard or cheap plywood to mock it up and see if it works for you.
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