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dual fuel oven?

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  • dual fuel oven?

    Okay.....before you guys kill me.....hear me out. The question I have is can the pomei oven be adapted burn both gas and wood? I understand that the W in WFO stands for wood.....but can the oven burn natural gas?

    Here is my issue. My wife has asthma and burning wood can be tough on her. Sometimes she is okay but other times it triggers an attack. So before I build my enclosure I want to contemplate the idea of adding gas to the dome. But I don't know if this is possible or even downright dangerous. I am concerned about gasses gathering in the dome and causing a problem.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: dual fuel oven?

    This topic is pretty much forbidden on the forum for the obvious reason - the average backyard pizza chef and forum member does not have the knowledge, training, experience and licensing to safely to do it. Commercial gas fired or dual fuel ovens are tested, UL approved, and have the proper safety devices to prevent a catastrophy.
    This may sound harsh but the bottom line - it is downright dangerous and asthma could very well be the least of your worries if you proceed. The last line in your post says it all, I would restate it to say "DEADLY problem".

    I am sure you will shortly see a post from the moderator telling you this topic is not open for discussion due to the safety concerns.

    Good luck, I know the troubles of asthma pretty well, watching my daughter suffer since she were a toddler (now 28). My only suggestion would be to have your wife stay indoors during the initial fireup when the chance for smoke is greatest. Once you get a good fire going with well seasoned (dry) hardwood, the smoke goes away and the wood burns really clean. Pizza only takes on a small amount of smokey taste & aroma once the temp is brought up 750-800. Most people expect thse ovens to smoke like a bullet smoker, but they don't, unless you want it to.



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      Re: dual fuel oven?

      Wow...... Thanks RTflorida. I found your response very informative. I too was actually considering a dual fuel pizza oven. Never thought of the danger element.