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Pompeii Oven with two openings???

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    Hi All.
    I just wanted to let you guys know that I finally completed this oven, and it works like a bomb!

    For the door I made a steel box filled with firebricks between two layers of insulation. It is a bit of a mission to move, but in winter we cook inside and summer we use the outdoor opening, so it's a once a year move. Each opening has it's own chimney.
    A bit of smoke seeps into the kitchen at first after moving the door to cook from outside, but once the chimney has heated up it draws fine. After a few fires, the ash and soot seal the door 100%.

    Note: The 'door' I refer to above is what we use to close up the unused opening. This provides a bit of thermal mass, as close to solid firebrick as possible.
    For the cooking side we have a typical lightweight insulated door.

    It may be that the oven would work a bit better with only one door. Who knows? The fact is it works fine for everything from pizza to bread to slow-cooked shoulder of goat.

    In the winter we sometimes make a fire at the opening just to warm the kitchen, but invariably it gets pushed to the back of the oven and something gets cooked!!

    We've had a lot of good times with our oven.

    Thanks for all your help and advice.
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      That is sensational. A very unique build that has been extremely well executed. Well done!

      I like the Rancillio coffee machine and grinder on your kitchen bench too.

      I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.

      My Build - Between a rock and a hard place