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Finding Firebricks in Norcal

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    Try Industrial Minerals...a ceramic supply company in Sacramento.

    Industrial Minerals Company
    7268 Frasinetti Road
    Sacramento, CA 95828


    They will have your fireclay and sand too.


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    hi abby,

    you live right at the source!

    muttocks manufacture is one of the two brands of fire bricks found
    around here.

    i bought mine in oakland at morgan bros patios # 510 357 5220.
    but i am sure you will find a retailer in sacramento.
    you can call muttocks in sacramento directly, i don't remember if
    they sell them right
    at there making site, but i called them to find out the exact
    compositions etc. and
    for a retailer in my area....


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    in sacramento, brening's rock and supply in citrus heights.* their phone number and address is at


    they have the bricks that i used.* pictures of my oven are*at


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    Thanks Simone,

    Could you provide me the phone# please. I live in Sacramento erea. May
    be I'm not that far from that place.

    Best regards,


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    when i hunted for fire bricks for my bread oven in the bay
    area/california, all seemed to be made by a company up in sacramento
    and sold through diffenrent distributors
    anywhere from $1.20 to $1.50/brick.
    i can supply you with phone # for places in my area if that's where you
    but otherwise going through the yellow pages searching under refractory
    bricks, fire place, bricks etc will get you there too, as long as you
    use the check list put together by jim under pompeii oven in fornobravo
    you can not go wrong.

    good luck

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    Call a local masonry supply or building supply store (not the big
    boxes), preferably one with a commercial contractor orientation. They
    should carry them. You want thermal firebrick (not insulating
    firebrick). They'll weigh about 8 or 9 lbs each. If they carry those
    they're also likely to carry the sack of fireclay you'll need too. If
    you call one & they don't carry them, just ask if they know who does.
    I've always found these folks very helpful. If you know someone in the
    building trades you can ask them too -- they may not be masons
    themselves but they're likely to know who the good suppliers are.

    Back here in CT I found mine at Sanford & Hawley which is a building
    supply company which does a lot of lumber & stone supply business to
    contractors. I also found them at Wethersfield Building Supply which
    only does stone, brick, etc. and not a scrap of wood in the place.


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    started a topic Finding Firebricks in Norcal

    Finding Firebricks in Norcal

    Can some one tell where I can buy fire bricks please?
    I live in Northern California.