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Mortar line across courses

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  • Mortar line across courses

    Hi I am at the stage of cutting my keystone and closing my dome. I just have a query about my last couple of courses. They have all been placed in without form and each have self supported. But after putting in the last course I noticed that there is a line of mortar running across the last three courses. It's only on one spot and the rest of the bricks have a pretty good stagger. Is this going to be a problem and a site of major cracking? I was going to bag the inside joints but would consider cutting the last wedge out of the last course and making a piece that bridges the gap I concerned about. Is this something to worry about or should I just go with it? Have attached a couple of pics.

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    Re: Mortar line across courses

    One is slightly lipped, so it is really two. I wouldn't worry about it.