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    has anyone out there been able to make a moveable oven , that could be moved from on place to another by a rigging company. I was thinking this might be possible to move everything above the stand to a new stand, any feedback would be appreciated. also while im here, im just wondering what the shortest build to cook time anyone may have achieved aroud here is. would it be unrealistic to hope for a 6 week project if I devoted some seriious spare time to it? Picked up my first supplies tonight, so I need to plan for springtime kick off' thanks for tyour thoughts-marc

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    Re: moving question

    It can be done. In Fact FB has worked in conjunction with a company to build a trailer for an oven that is used quite extensively.

    As for a home build you can do stuff to make things easier for movability - see living at rental house or apartment...

    This is on the fly brain going over-drive

    Buy the Cucina hearth stand

    Cucina80 Hearth Tray and Stand :: Installation Accessories :: Forno Bravo Store

    I think that you can get James to modify one for you. My brother in-law used to move houses they would punch holes in the foundation, run big timbers under the floor joists jack the house up and put it on dolies and away you go (at about 1 mph). I envison somthing similar. Depending on where you put this and access you could usea light duty fork lift to remove the oven from the base. Incorporate rectangular tubing to allow for the placement of the forks. Not getting into stress calculations I would make a tic-tac-toe frame with the tubes for structural support. To make the oven "lighter" use a 1/8th inch steel tray to go over the metal stand, tack weld it to the tubes. I would ask James to mod the stand so that the tubes would be captured by the stand. Then put down, Super-Isol and make an igloo dome. Use the Dura Tek chimney system.

    If you want to go a step further in modular you can make your insulation around the oven removable. Use the blanket system, covered by chicken wifre followed by the plater matrix. The problem ares will be around the base of the oven wherer the dome meets the hearth. You will want to use this area as the split line - similar to a skull cap. At the same time you want to keep water out - if the base is not sealed then your insulation will get wet when it reains and soak up the water - not a good thing. So figure that you are going to need a 4 inch grinder with a cement cutting blade on it when you decide to move from one house to another. To remove the cap you cut as low to the dome/hearth as possible - just like cutting a scalp. Forgot to tell you that you should also wire up some thin rebar from the top of the dome down the sides wire it in to the chicken wire. At the top of the dome add in a large eye bolt or fashion some rebar into a loop so that a choke-collar can be used to lift the cap off. if you use rebar you can cover it with stucco to protect it. The eye bolt you should paint.

    It might sound like a crazy idea but it can be done.


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      Re: moving question

      My oven would be portable. The original oven consisted of 4 pieces, stand, oven, chimney and door. The main oven was built with a steel band around the hearth and 4 lifting rings. The local delivery truck with a truck mounted crane delivered it. Later it was moved by another similar truck. Stand first, then oven.....door and chimney are nothing.

      I already posted the photos of it being delivered and you can see the components. (now it's buried in cement and won't move again!)

      So if you built your oven with the lifting mechanism as part of the design, it could be moved.
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