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Door Lip Repair

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  • Door Lip Repair


    A small part of the lip that my door sits flush against has cracked and fallen away. I would like to repair the missing piece, as my door no longer starves the fire of oxygen(if i want) and i lose too much heat where i have a gap.

    I have ordered Rutland's 2500 degree silicone sealant for wood stoves, but i am getting 2nd thoughts about whether the sealant is food safe.

    Whatever I try, gravity is working against me as I probably have to put several small layers to prevent dripping.

    Can anyone provide additional guidance for repair?

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    Re: Door Lip Repair

    What about attaching a wood stove gasket to the edges of your door to create a seal? I know one thing, a small chip or a dollop of schmutz won't hold up long term.
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      Re: Door Lip Repair

      I agree, I don't like your chances, but you can try wetting the area, wait 20 mins then paint the surface to be bonded to with a slurry of calcium aluminate cement and water then trowel castable refractory into the void.

      Italians used to place the door in position and use wet newspaper jammed around the door to create a seal. This may work for you if the repair fails.
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        Re: Door Lip Repair

        Cut the rest of the undamaged dome off and adjust the door to suit.
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          Re: Door Lip Repair

          To be honest, cutting the rest of the lip is good idea, but I will be saving that one for last i assume that no one would use the silicone sealant vs some type of refractory?


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            Re: Door Lip Repair

            Last time I looked at high temp silicon it contained carcinogens so I gave it a wide berth.
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              Re: Door Lip Repair

              Sorry I have looked at the pics... I'm a little confused...what am I actually looking at. I'm thinking, a thin clay? Refractory molding? What is it?
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                Re: Door Lip Repair

                Originally posted by brickie in oz View Post
                Cut the rest of the undamaged dome off and adjust the door to suit.
                That is what I would do, add the lip to the door.

                good luck
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                  Re: Door Lip Repair

                  I'm not sure what the material that broke is. It is the same material that is used inside the oven.

                  The view point of the previous pictures is from the chimney.

                  I've attached a photo of the lip prior to breaking and larger, overall looking view of the piece missing. You can see the lip the door sits against around the circumference of the opening.

                  With the different view, would adding the "lip" to the door still be a reasonable option?
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