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  • Help with oven dome

    My contractor built a 36 inch oven. He made the dome height at the top 21.5 inches. I want to be able to cook the neo pizzas as well as broil steaks, etc. Am I just out of luck at this point! Is there anything I can do to remedy the problem? The only thing I can think to do is to make sure the door height is at the 63 percent consensus. Please let me know. Also I am buildings a lip for the door. Should the door go in front of the chimney? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Help with oven dome

    I see your posts have been here a while with no responses so I will weigh in.

    I have to warn you however that I am still building my oven and my experience comes from what I have built so far, what I have read ( a lot!) and finally watching some pizza ovens in use. Hopefully someone more experienced will also weigh in!

    I suspect that your oven height wll be fine. Normally your interior height for a 36" oven would be 18". You are only 3.5" higher than that which I don't think is a showstopper. Being correctly insulated seems to be a much bigger issue than getting the dimensions exactly right. Adding more brick will add a lot more thermal mass which depending on your intended use you probably don't want.

    You could make the door height 63% of the 21.5". My guess is you could probably go shorter on the opening height and still be OK. But it is much easier to make an opening smaller than bigger. There is a company selling barrel vault designs that has no closure in their opening at all! I.e. the opening height is the same as the interior height. And strangely their customers seem to be happy!

    Lastly you definitely want your door between the chimney and the dome. The objective of the door is to trap the heat in after the oven is up to temperature. If the chimney is inside this closed space it will rapidly bleed heat out of the oven.

    Good luck! Remember pictures help a lot and you will likely get a faster response to posts with pictures.



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      Re: Help with oven dome

      Thank you!! From talking to people I think I am going to be fine. I used 25 feet of 2 inch blanket I bought locally. So it should be well insulated. I am going with a door heighth of 13 to 13.5. It will be arched with that height the highest point.