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Intersection between dome and opening?

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  • Intersection between dome and opening?

    Help! Reached frustration high. There are no instructions on how to integrate the dome to the opening. How do you create a ledge on the back of the opening on which to mortar your course of dome bricks?? Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Intersection between dome and opening?

    Most of us have problems with this. Check out the "Octoforno" build for a start
    My build progress
    My WFO Journal on Facebook
    My dome spreadsheet calculator


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      Re: Intersection between dome and opening?

      If you use "dome to opening intersection" as the search words in the forum you'll get the 39" Stargate Pompeii and the Perth 42" Pompeii threads. They are just two of many such threads in the forum that deal with how to bring the opening arch together with the dome. Both of these have lots of photos and should be quite helpful to you. Also check out one of the best compilations of tips and techniques in the link below.


      Good luck and relax...the more you read here about other folks builds, the more manageable yours will be and the more you'll appreciate (and enjoy) the journey you are taking.
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        Re: Intersection between dome and opening?

        Thanks deejayoh. It was nice to see the photos - it's always more helpful to visualize instead of trying to interpret words. Our opening is rectangular, so we're trying to use angle-iron as a simpler way of giving the bricks a stable base. Wish you were here in Folsom! We'd try to hire you to consult.


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          Re: Intersection between dome and opening?

          Thank you for the links and search ideas. Very encouraging...OK I'm breathing. I hope this gets easier...


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            Re: Intersection between dome and opening?

            I extended each one of my pillar bricks to intersect with each chain. This will need to be done after about 4" of height depending on how you start of course and when you get to the arch taper full bricks then cut them to length as needed. I did my inner arch with each row leading up to it made for a perfect match and if you are off you can grind out any imperfections or miscuts after they setup