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  • dome is out of circle

    My dome is out of circle, in some places up to about .5 inches. The dome goes around the floor bricks. Maybe the floor got out of wack before I started the dome - winter came in between those steps. I didn't use the IT until now, so now I can see it painfully clearly. I'm now on the 3rd course (1st course was splits that raised it up so I wouldn't get a peel caught under dome brick.) Should I correct it right away? If I do, it looks fugly where brick sticks out 1/2". Or do I correct it a little bit on every course? Or do I not worry about it until I get close to the top? I'd rather correct it higher up, where you won't see the bricks not aligned properly unless you stick your head in.
    Here's mine:

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    Re: dome is out of circle

    bring it back a little bit at a time, over 2-3 courses. It will turn out just fine.
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      Re: dome is out of circle

      I went off a bit as well on a course that I did not use the it. It wasn't bad so I made a executive decision to just fix it on the next course. Now that it's done I can't even notice it but not to say it doesn't bother me!! I just push the fire over to that side and problem fixed.