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  • Recommended changes should be viewable

    (M) James wrote, in a now difficult to locate thread:

    (JB) "Recommended changes "Hello all,
    The Pompeii Oven plans are being downloaded at a good clip, so I think it is time to make a place where everyone can make recommendations for changes, bug fixes and improvements.

    The current version is V1.2.

    Post your recommendations here, and we will make sure they are included in the next release.


    (M) Hi, James,

    (M) Since so much work and over one year in time went into the revised plans for oven construction, wouldn't you agree that your request

    (JB) "to make a place where everyone can make recommendations for changes, bug fixes and improvements."

    (M) should justify a non-overwritable thread? I had to steal this thread from XabiaJim and chose it because it was an old thread from Feb. 20th, but any FB Forum member could just as easily "hijack" this thread and once again serious contributors would have no place to turn for placement of their suggestions.

    (M) Please consider maintaining the integrity of at least this thread so that recommended changes have a permanent home.


    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, ...
    but no simpler!" (Albert Einstein)

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    Re: Recommended changes should be viewable

    Hello Marcel,
    I can see that the Recommended Changes posting was working its way down the queue, and could become harder to find. I have removed of couple of the postings that were "sticky" at the top of the Forum section, and have "stuck" recommended changes to the top, where it will stay. That way we can keep adding recommendations and makes sure we catch everything each time we release a new version of the plans.

    I was thinking about the best way of keeping track of "how to find materials" and will take care of that next.

    Hope this helps.
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