Long time since my last post. but there has been done some progress on my WFO. And i have also been a lot wiser the past 6 month since my last post in this thread. My build is a 37"

A project that started out, at least in my head, to be over with in a couple of month, and yet I'm just finished the insulation layer.

I attached some pictures for you to look at. ( I have taken a ton of pictures, just don't want to bore you with all of them, so ask if you need different angle etc, maybe i got it )

Please comment on what you thinks good/bad. ATM Im strangely not having any questions for anything. Maybe i have read to much, i doubt it. however if something comes up, ill post it, if i don't find a reasonable solution my self

The weather in Denmark is very "unstable" so its raining a lot, so i put up a cheap tent for cover, however the last 4 weeks we have had a head wave over whole scandinavia more or less. so its been so warm here.. love it But then it gave me shade for working

The countertop I'm kinda proud off First go on it, and have never tried anything near this before. However, i have polished with beeswax, and ??? Is this it, what are you using for keeping moist etc out ?

Tomorrow I'm starting at work after 2 weeks holiday, but I'm going to cut the oven base so it fits when the insulation layer is dry enough to continue to the first course of firebricks.

I made the insulation layer of perlite and portlant cement. ration 1/8 - and finding it very porous ?

Hmm it says i don't have any rights to upload any pictures. so i shared a folder with google. - trying to fix it though.


Its me with the green cap ;-)