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  • Floor tiles

    Hi All
    I am getting ready for my build a 36" My question is I have found a supplier of 12"x18" x 2" fire brick tiles to use for my hearth. I have been collecting fire brick for a few years and have enough to build the dome but to ship in brick for the hearth was way to expensive I live in Hawaii. I see that the kit package comes with 2" thick tiles so I am assuming that these will work fine. I am saving more that $500.00 by doing this over the firebrick. Anyone else have experience with a 2" hearth.
    Thanks Bill

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    Re: Floor tiles

    The floor is the hardest to get hot, and also the place where you want the lest heat, so it should work just fine.


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      Re: Floor tiles

      Here is an idea, The dome should not rest on the floor. Ideally (And this could be argued) it should be inside the dome. Done this way, as long as you insulate the floor properly, you can design it so that every tile could be taken out and replaced whenever you want.

      This would allow you to try the tiles that you found, if you are ultimately unhappy with them, pull em out and replace em.

      Good luck.
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