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Opening, set back and vent

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  • Opening, set back and vent

    Does anyone have a picture or two, or a very clear explanation of how to build the setback for the door, and how it fits into the opening with the vent( or base for the chimney)? Please help,this is driving me crazy.

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    Re: Opening, set back and vent

    The plans are a bit light on about this. Because not all ovens have the same ceiling height.
    But what I've done is to draw out a cross section of the oven full size on a larger piece of cardboard. A fridge box from memory. Cut yourself out a full size cross section of you arch size. A 42 in with a. 21 in ceiling height will have 12.5 in opening add 3.5 in for the brick thickness.
    Take your entrance cut out and fit it to the cross section and find where they intersect.
    Do yourself another a top view this time and transfer the position your happy with. Work on door width a little under 1/2 the width of the oven. My entrance is oblong so the measurement came out at 18 ins.
    This is where it gets interesting cause you can find that you could end up with a lip of brick protruding into the oven in some cases. It then a case of finding the sweet spot you happy with. The lip can be cut back with some fancy cuts or left there and ignored, that was my choice.
    Once you happy with the oven entrance position you can then figure out the set back from the front of the slab. Most folk find a brick and a 1/2 to be a workable one. That enough to give you a strong structure to support you chimney and still have the entrance nice and close so its easy to work. My own is 2 bricks deep and works well as I have a wide high entrance.
    Hope this helps
    Regards dave
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