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Oven Doorway shape?

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  • Oven Doorway shape?

    Looking at many oven photos and they all seem to have an arched entry /doorway?Is there a particular reason for this (Draw better?)or is it just an aesthetic reason?I'm leaning towards leaving mine a 12" x 19" rectangular shape as i'm looking for very clean geometric shapes for the design,though would obiously change my thoughts if this would hinder the performance?Thanks.

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    Just my two cents, I have built several and now have started building Arches for the entire entry for two reasons.

    The first reason is asthetics. If done right, it looks great.

    The second reason is economisc. my first oven I used mild steel Angle iron to cross the entry ways. Over time these began to rust leaving a mess and looking bad. I started using Stainless angle irons, and althought I highly reccomend them for anyone building the doorways in that manner, they do cost considerably more. Not just the actual cost but my cost in time to go and get them. The place I have to go is quite out of my way.

    If you are going to use angle iron on your doorway, it will be money well spent for Stainless irons.



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      Thanks Keith.I'll keep that in mind.I noticed rust development on a lot of chimney vents also.I had thought about stainless steel for that as i figured than these ovens had a long lifespan and I certainly have no intentions of moving or demolishing mine any time soon.