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making my dome waterproof

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  • making my dome waterproof

    I'd love to keep my dome open to the elements, without my two ugly tarps, but I'm concerned about moisture getting inside to the insulation. Should I use some kind of a sealant? Here's what I have so far for dome stucco:

    First I put down a layer of regular stucco (traditional, nothing synthetic) then stucco with a synthetic fiber, then a synthetic stucco top layer (can't remember what they said was in it, but it has a plasic-y kind of feel, seems more water proof.) The color was way lighter than I wanted, so I put one more very thin (1/16-1/8") layer of darker, regular stucco (no synthetic) since I thought the color would be more durable than paint.

    Would a sealant be overkill?
    Here's mine:

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    Re: making my dome waterproof

    Not sure if the product is available there but it is called Dryvit. Acrylic based, any color you want, and bullet proof against the elements. I need to touch mine up a bit but that is after 6 years of freeze/thaw. And it's only been compromised at the base.
    Check out my pictures here:

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