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Ceramic fibre blanket query

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  • Ceramic fibre blanket query

    I ordered a ceramic fibre blanket from a fire insulation company. They said they had a sheet with damaged corners that was high spec that I could have for $50nzd. Half price.
    Now that it has arrived I am not sure it is fit for purpose.
    It can compress quite a bit, and my worry is that the bricks on the dome will compress the board more than the floor, and consequently the edge bricks will be levered up a little on the cooking floor. clear as mud.

    here is a photo.

    Has anyone used a similar product - am I being paranoid. I thought a sheet of asbestos between the cooking floor and the fibre board would work, but it is a little hard to find these days...

    Any thoughts....

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    Re: Ceramic fibre blanket query

    Hello umabatata

    What you have looks like blanket.
    You need Ceramic Fiber Board to go under the floor and dome walls. It will not compress like the blanket.
    The blanket should be used over the dome.

    The photos show samples of board and blanket.



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      Re: Ceramic fibre blanket query

      What you have there looks to me like foil covered Rockpool. It is marginally cheaper than quality blanket but is also far more water absorbent than ceramic fire blanket. In any case it will not be suitable as underfloor insulation because as you feared, it is too compressible. You may find calcium silicate board is available to you, if not, or is too expensive, make your own vermicrete or perlcrete slab (around 5:1 mix) You can use your blanket as dome insulation over the top.
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