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  • Update on Pompeii e-Book

    I thought I would take a second to catch everybody up on what is happening with the Pompeii Oven e-Book. To date, the plans have been downloaded over 700 times, and are averaging almost 10 dowloads per day. The plans are going to virtually every part of the world, and we have ovens being built in a wide range of countries. The download and registration system seems to be working well. That all feels pretty good.

    Also, I have exchanged a series of messages with Norbert Senf, who manages the (MHA) web site, and they have made a nice mention of the FB e-Books and the FB forum, which we appreciate very much. I have invited him for contributions to the Wood-Fired Pizza e-Book, so we'll see what happens there.

    The Habitat for Humanity e-Books have been ordered 18 times, so with matching funds from FB, we're up to $360. That's good.

    We are maintaining a list of recommended improvement to the next version of the plans, and there is a Sticky thread where you can post additions. For now, I think the version is stable and we will do an update at some point in the future. Some great ovens and nice improvements and techniques have been developed quite recently, so there is room for improvement.

    I promise to set up our own Wiki pages (it's on my to do list).

    That's all I have -- let me know if anyone has something to add.
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