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Pouring a dome plug

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  • Pouring a dome plug

    I am considering doing a dome plug as others have done. I do have a question about this. I see that Wade used KS-4, but I have not been able to find that in my area. I noticed that others have used a "repair mortar" to create the plug. What exactly is repair mortar? Is it just something like Refrax or HeatStop with some crushed up firebrick in it or is there a specific repair mortar product that is beign used. I was thinking about going the route of a HeatStop with some firebrick broken into it and wondering if that would tolerate.

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    Re: Pouring a dome plug

    I bought the KS-4 here, very reasonable and they ship from the nearest distributor. In my case I had it in 1 day.

    Empire Refractory Specialists Shopping Cart

    I bought a 1lb of stainless needles to reinforce it. I bought that here;
    eBay Store - HIGH-TEMP REFRACTORY STORE: Ceramic Fiber Products, Mortars and Coatings, Refractory Mixes

    Also great people to deal with, very helpful. You have to call them to buy less than 10 lbs.

    So far, I highly recommend the KS-4. Of course I, I didn't try my first plan of chopped brick pieces and mortar, so have nothing to compare it to. This stuff is twice as dense as refractory mortar and the needles make it feel close to indestructable. The only drawback is the extra time it takes to cure it in an oven. There is a published cure schedule you need to follow, which in my case took 6 hrs in the house oven.
    Wade Lively